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Become a Chamber Member!


We are currently in the process of switching over payment platforms for our Chamber Members.

If you are a current Dexter Chamber Member signed up with GrowthZone you will need to switch over to our new platform with Wix by following these steps...

1. Log into your GrowthZone account and cancel your membership. 

*Take note of the end date of your GrowthZone Dexter Chamber Membership - so you can pick up with your new Membership after your old one is done being paid off. 

2. Create an account with Wix.

*If you already have an account login then go to your Profile and make sure all information is up to date.

3. Select your new Dexter Chamber Membership plan below...

*If you are finishing up a yearly membership with your old GrowthZone account, you can select your start date for your new membership to line up with your old one. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Single Membership

    Every year
    For Individuals/Families
  • Charity Membership

    Every year
    For Charity/Non-profit/501 c3 Organizations
  • Business Membership

    Every year
    For Businesses
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