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Dexter Area Chamber of Commerce

Exclusive Member Benefit

Payroll Vault is dedicated to the DACC Members.


We would like to show this dedication by extending an offer for you to choose what offer is best for YOUR business:


  1. One Month Free Payroll OR

  2. Match any current payroll provider pricing and reduce that price by 10% for the year OR

  3. FREE 2018 W-2’s


About Payroll Vault


Payroll Vault was designed to relieve business owners of the time-intensive tasks associated with processing payroll – so you can focus on managing and growing your business. As your local provider, we not only offer expertise in payroll services but also support you with one-on-one personal service for an exceptionally rich client experience every time! Unlike large payroll vendors, where you become just a number, at Payroll Vault you have a dedicated Payroll Specialist that is available to answer your unique questions quickly and accurately.

Even better, all processing is handled within our advanced online platform for ultimate convenience. We handle check processing, direct deposit, W-2 processing, tax filings, and more. Payroll Vault serves as a strategic payroll partner, giving you the peace of mind that your payroll is in the hands of trusted, locally based experts.

Enjoy a

Full Range of

Payroll Services


Payroll Vault offers a full line of services to help you improve business operations:

  • Human Resources Support – Offers a virtual service center, managed by an expert HR specialist, to support common HR needs. Enjoy access to sample job description and interview questions, tips on hiring and terminated employees, step-by-step process documents, and more.


  • Payroll Vault Timekeeper – Provides a convenient online time and attendance solutions. Timekeeper maximizes convenience with 24/7 access and makes easy work of data collection.


  • Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Comp – Offers an exceptionally easy method for paying insurance premiums based on actual payroll, not estimated.


  • Background Checks & Drug Screenings – Provides you with a quick and simple way to conduct background checks and drug screenings, designed to help improve pre-employment screening and protect you from hiring the wrong employees.


  • Poster Compliance Solutions – Enables you to stay up-to-date with current federal and state labor laws via this convenient labor poster subscription program.



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As your local payroll service provider, you are assured expert and highly personalized service! See how we can relieve you of complex payroll work.

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